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Why is my internet slow?

Not everyone is an internet whiz, but no one likes to wait for pages to load, videos to play or to get the latest information form social media. If your internet is slow, there are a few reasons this may be happening. The easiest way to determine if the issue is your internet or something wrong with your computer is to test your speed. This includes two parts: upload speed, the rate at which you load pictures and videos to a website and download speed, how fast you get information from somewhere else. No one wants to watch a video buffer for hours over and over. We all know the frustration of not being able to upload your favorite pictures to social media. You need to test your speed to know if the issue is with your internet service. Installing our new tab extension will give you access to doing just that.

What should I do next?

The first, and most important step is to test your internet speed, this will help you understand if the problem pertains to your computer, network, or internet service provider. When choosing a speed test solution it is important to select a reliable service, because incorrect results may cause even more frustration and delay productivity. Easy Internet Speed Test™ gives you fast access to content for measuring your internet speed, which also accurately breaks down results into download and upload speeds, allowing you to focus only on the main issue.